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I'm Deb Baldwin.  I'm a veteran teacher and director having done both for over 38 years.  You might call me a Theater Education Expert and Director!

-You're a well-meaning teacher with a lot on your plate. How do I know?  I've been you! 

-Between lesson planning, caretaking, and responsibilities outside of the classroom, things probably are still feeling over whelming.

-After teaching for 30+ years, I know what it takes to create a complete and dynamic lesson plan that is easy to follow, implement AND improves student engagement.

-Think of it as my gift to you.

--Lastly, I want to be up front and inform you that when you fill out the form to receive this lesson, you are also signing up for my email list. 
In this free lesson plan, you.....

--Will receive a ready-to-go lesson you can use today: Everyone admires Lin Manuel Miranda who is practically a national treasure. But how much do your students actually know about his journey to Broadway and rise to fame? By using this lesson, they'll have a greater appreciation of this talented man.

---Will introduce the uses of  biographies to study growth mindset:  It's important our students to study live theater artists who they can relate to in present day situations.  By studying history of sorts, students ask probing questions, 
entertain thoughts of preconceived assumptions and grow to recognize that all humans struggle, bounce back and succeed with hard work. 

---Will just print and go!  I know how exhausting teaching can be. Sometimes you just need a little more brain space.  Let me give that time back to you. I've made this as easy to use as possible. You'll receive a student question and answer sheet and teacher's key (Halleluijah!). 

Here's the Scoop! 

The purpose of this lesson is to give you a resource you can use in ANY middle school grade level class to nurture engagement and interest in famous theater artists and especially Lin Manuel Miranda.  

We know that through participation in theater, students develop speaking and listening skills. Students collaborate with others in accomplishing common goals. Theatre arts promotes creativity in problem solving.

Theater teachers are aware that through participation in theatre, students develop speaking and listening skills. Students collaborate with others in accomplishing common goals. Theatre arts even promotes creativity in problem solving!  Theater is a great subject to study, yes? 

A teacher can use this as a stand alone lesson, prepare it for a substitute or expand upon the subject afterward with other famous theater biographies.

Though many schools do not have a drama teacher, a music or language arts teacher could use this lesson. You can use it as a stepping off point for your own ideas.

I think we'd agree that integrating drama works in many situations, my friend. Or if you are just needing a quality resource from a trusted, experienced award-winning educator, I'm your person. 

Let's get you started right away and ease your burden while engaging your students! 


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@Dramamommaspeaks Deb is a retired drama teacher and director having done both for over thirty-eight years. During that time, she directed over 250 plays and musicals with children and adults alike. She is featured on podcasts such as and thrice nominated for the Disney Teacher of the Year award. Deb created and administrated youth theater programs in the mid-west and serves as consultant to others. Lastly, Deb is an award-winning indie author and featured as a guest blogger on

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