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If you don't know me yet, I'm a Theater Education Expert

You're a well-meaning teacher with a lot on your plate. Between lesson planning, caretaking, and responsibilities outside of the classroom (and after a year of remote learning), things probably are still feeling over whelming. After teaching for 30+ years, I know what it takes to create a complete and dynamic lesson plan that is easy to follow, implement AND improves student engagement. Think of it as my gift to you.
In this free lesson plan, you'll get...

--A ready-to-go lesson: I've done your lesson plan for you! I know you have a lot on your plate. In this resource, you'll receive an ENTIRE Creative Dramatics lesson plan, including the how-to procedure, the details for planning, and the materials organized. 

--A teacher's script: I'm giving you what to say and how to say it to lead your class with confidence! Instead of sitting in front of your kids nervous with new material, you'll know exactly what to say to your students.  Let's take away any jitters or imposter syndrome.

--FREE resource to further extend the learning: I give you something that will actually help you build on this lesson into further activities. Nothing hypothetical here, but an actual resource to use as a springboard for other lesson plans. Let's work smarter not harder!

--Evaluation suggestions: Let me save you some time. Get my guidance on how to evaluate student's participation. I know this Creative Dramatics lesson will help you grab student attention in a unique and meaningful way.

Here's the Scoop! 

The purpose of this guide is to give you a lesson you can use in ANY elementary grade level class to nurture engagement and interest in your classroom and build your skills as an effective, vibrant teacher.

Creative dramatics is a type of theater used for educational purposes that helps children work on social skills and academic subjects using theater games and improvisations while being led by a trained instructor.

Creative Dramatics works in many situations, my friend.

It provides a safe environment for students to explore behavior, ideas, creativity, and school subjects.

A teacher can use it in a simple manner to teach a particular concept or more complexly by producing a play. Its uses are varied.

Easy to follow steps you can take right away to improve your students engagment. Let's get you started! 


Just Start.

It just takes a few minutes to download this guide, check out the procedure, gather a few materials and you are own your way to engaging your students in your classroom. If this sounds good to you, then join me center stage


@Dramamommaspeaks Deb is a retired drama teacher and director having done both for over thirty-eight years. During that time, she directed over 250 plays and musicals with children and adults alike. She is featured on podcasts such as and thrice nominated for the Disney Teacher of the Year award. Deb created and administrated youth theater programs in the mid-west and serves as consultant to others. Lastly, Deb is an award-winning indie author and featured as a guest blogger on

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